Do what you love everyday

I choose to live and work the way I want…

In the beginning, I was a freelance graphic designer, avid body boarder, launching my business in the mid-nineties. My pre-press artwork under the guise Niche Graphics began boosting businesses profiles in the Northern areas of Tasmania.

I was a local feature artist with a series of digital artworks called “Designs with Soul”, and was determined not to be a statistic of small business start-ups. Like all businesses I’ve had my ups and downs, still learning from mistakes, and have continued evolving to client demand in various areas that have shaped and moulded my business into the successful graphics design and website development business.

Why do I live & work from Sisters Beach?

I love the ocean, the surf, the beach and the environment of where I live and have never been real keen on suburbia. I get more inspiration from nature so it makes sense to live and work here. People have told me I need an office in town, but for me, in my industry, I’m happy with the work I get without it. I’m happy to use Co-Space or even Cafes with some projects.

Being able to go for a surf first thing in the morning as a wake-up, freshen up is the perfect way for me personally to start the day. While this coast is limited with how often waves hit and allow me to do this, when I do, it’s another reminder of why I live here.

Being able to work from home and be there for my family, kids as they get on or off the bus, the in-between times that I would otherwise miss with a 9 to 5 job working for someone else.

Being my own boss allows me to make time where needed for me and my family. If I really need a break, or as I call it a reset to clear my thoughts, I pull can the pin on work for an afternoon and go surfing down on the west coast.

Why do you do what I do?

For the love of design, I have a passion for creativity within all areas not just visual… My father being an art teacher and successful artist has been a strong influence that leads me to a path he saw I had a passion for. There was always a high expectation and some incentives for us kids to do well at art in school. I suppose this is how I ended up in a creative industry.

How are you different to others in your field?

NOT SURE ON THIS BUT – I’ve worked in all areas of design; brand, print media, signage design, app interface development, website development. In business since 1996 so experience and knowledge is vast. I’m constantly seeing opportunities and always genuinely excited about the future in the digital spaces with marketing and smart ways to expose my clients brand using software and technology which is constantly evolving.